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Custom Report Suite

Scheduled Automated report distribution

Reports and dashboards are scheduled to be emailed automatically to a specific user list. Reports can be exported or downloaded from the portal in Excel, .csv or PDF thus enabling the user to work on reports offline.

KPI's and Dashboards

Dashboards are designed to combine multiple reports and are supplied as a 2-page report combined with all the relevant data. Executives and Management can track KPI's (Key Performance Indicators) effectively. These dashboards and KPI's will be available on mobile, pc and tablet devices.

Secure access control

In the Portal each user has individual control over what they can see and do with the reports shared with them. Each user will only see data that is relevant to them.


Spreadsheet-Pivot interface

Reports can also be provided in the familiar 'spreadsheet-pivot' interface of Microsoft Excel. These reports can be distributed in an online secure portal where it can be downloaded, viewed, and in addition, it can be emailed to a user list of your choice. This option is easy to use as Excel is a common product. 


Data Integration

Integrating data across different sources to create meaningful business reports. 
Data integration isn?t just moving data around, it?s also about business processes.
For example, combine your CRM(customer relationship management) data and marketing spend data with your sales data from ERP system, to create spend vs. sales or track your sales Vs budget.


Data Sources Supported

To create reports and dashboards we can integrate data from spreadsheets and flat files like Microsoft Excel, CSV, XML, txt and more. Connect to any ODBC database to extract data.
Extract data out of existing Qlikview QVD files. 


Report Branding

Report Generation arranges your report content into branded page layouts and produces marketing quality documents.
Our report generator fully supports Microsoft Office formats, enabling reports to be quickly generated into Excel, .CSV or PDF.
We support a wide range of outputs that will enable you to create true PowerPoint presentations.

Custom Reports

Our goal is to provide the best client reporting distribution product, to ensure that all your reporting needs are met including custom reporting. We cater for all your specific needs. Any report can be produced, no matter how intricate the detail required by using our state of the art reporting tools. Our development team can help you deliver state of the art reporting solution on your integrated data.


Data store

We all like Excel, but unmanaged spreadsheets cause chaos on an organization. We can help you take control and manage your data that is scattered in spreadsheets. We have the expertise to create a data warehouse for you and maintain the data flow. With this process all data, spreadsheets and reports will have same data source. All data is stored in a secure database that is backed up on a weekly basis. 


Dedicated Support Team

With a highly skilled team supporting every aspect of reporting Portal, there is no hassle with sorting out or changing reports to meet client needs. This team consist of experienced data and Business Intelligence architects.  Skilled report writers and web developers. Owl?s team can take care of converting your data into meaningful business reports.


Qlikview integration

Owl?s Reporting Portal can integrate with existing Qlikview deployments. We can deliver a very cost effective report distribution solution on existing Qlikview implementations.